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Make Love not War


Wer leidenschaftlich für den Frieden ist, es aber noch nie auf eine Demo geschafft hat, hat am 22. Dezember 2006 die Gelegenheit, seinem Pazifismus einmal auf eben so leidenschaftliche wie sinnliche Art und Weise Ausdruck bringen!

ann nämlich soll die Weltbevölkerung in einem großen, gemeinsamen Orgasmus für positive, kriegsverhindernde Energie sorgen.

„Ziel ist es, dass die Teilnehmer ihre Gedanken während und nach dem Orgasmus auf den Frieden richten“, erklären die US-Friedensaktivisten Donna Sheehan und Paul Reffell auf ihrer Internetseite „“www.globalorgasm.org„.

Dadurch werde sich „das Energiefeld der Erde“ ändern und das „derzeit gefährliche Aggressions- und Gewaltpotenzial reduzieren“, glauben die Friedenstifter. Alle Männer und Frauen könnten mitmachen, erklärten die beiden. Besonders aufgerufen sei jedoch die Bevölkerung von Ländern, die über Massenvernichtungswaffen verfügen.


GlobalOrgasm.org Mission Statement

The mission of the Global Orgasm is to effect change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible surge of human energy. Now that there are two more US fleets heading for the Persian Gulf with anti- submarine equipment that can only be for use against Iran, the time to change Earth’s energy is NOW! Read more about the fleet buildup here.

The intent is that the participants concentrate any thoughts during and after orgasm on peace. The combination of high- energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect than previous mass meditations and prayers.

The goal is to add so much concentrated and high-energy positive input into the energy field of the Earth that it will reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence throughout the world.

Global Orgasm is an experiment open to everyone in the world.

We hope the results will register on the worldwide monitor system of the Global Consciousness Project.

This is the First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, leading up to the December Solstice of 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning.

Why The Global Oh!?


Wow, the response to the Global Oh! is enormous. We’re on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today
in a great article by Joe Garofoli
. The Blogosphere is buzzing and we’ve
had plenty of emails. While most are very supportive, there have been a
couple from people who are concerned that we are wasting time that could be spent in tackling the problems of the world in more acceptable ways.

I can understand how the connection between sexuality and the problems of the human race might seem tenuous, frivolous or in bad taste. But when you understand that most male human behavior, from violence and war to generosity and kindness, is a form of sexual display, the whole perspective changes. What better way to bring attention to, and perhaps
make less acceptable, the kinds of displays that are threatening us and
every other organism on the planet than the root cause of all the
displays – the orgasm?

Is the Global Orgasm frivolous? If you’re staring up the barrel of a
gun, of course it is. And who knows if human consciousness can make a difference in the way the human race runs its world? But religions have been founded on such a notion (and some have been corrupted by the same patriarchal power structure that is killing the planet; where peace was the guiding principle, now violence is the way one proves one’s faith).

So, here’s something that might make people think about the world, that will draw attention to the all-pervading aura of violence, that may even give a few moments of personal peace to those who are doing the hard and dangerous work of creating a better society.

Can nobody read a novel or watch a film as long as torture exists in the world? Can nobody smile and have an evening with friends as long as
people are dying of starvation? Can nobody listen to music or whistle a
tune as long as the USA is in Iraq? Can nobody make love as long as
people are strapping explosives to their bodies?

A moment of peace, solidarity and enjoyment is something the torturers, terrorists and warmongers do not want to allow us. The message of conscious intent is the important thing here, using that meditative, clear-minded period of resolution following the energy wave of orgasm to
wish for peace.

posted by GlobalO at 11/19/2006 06:27:00 PM

Quelle: „www.globalorgasm.org

Anmerkung des Editors: Da gabs doch mal den Spruch „Ficken für den Frieden!“..!? 🙂

Also erzählt gleich Euerer / Euerem Liebsten:

„Lass uns für den Frieden ficken / bumsen / bimpern (pimpern!) / vögeln / ferkeln..! … 🙂

(Fucking 4 Peace!)



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