[ KULT! ]: FRITZ LANG: M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder (1931) – Full Movie!


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M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder (1931) – Full Movie

M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder (1931) – Full Movie

This film is nothing less than a masterpiece.
It is a highly structured and stylized film about a serial killer.
It created the serial kill genre, which includes such entries as Psycho and Silence of the Lambs.

Alfred Hitchcock (the director of Psycho) was a disciple of Lang as were Jacques Tourneur (The Leopard Man (1943)) and Michael Powell (Peeping Tom (1960)).

M was not only the originator of the genre, but arguably remains it preeminent entry.

Highly recommended for those in the mood for a Hitchcockian-style thriller with a great performance by Peter Lorre and great story-telling technique by Fritz Lang.

M is in the public domain


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